In The Field

Selected works…

Aga Khan Foundation, March 2016: I visited Mozambique with the insanely talented Gillian Griffin and Benj Binks (of The Compulsive) to document a program improving food security and incomes in rural north of the country. Then we made some videos (full editing credit goes to Gillian).

Sunday Nation, December 2011: Rape, sexual assault and other forms of gender-based violence are a constant source of fear and frustration for women living in Nairobi’s slums. But the first graduating class of No Means No Worldwide is aiming to put the power in women’s hands to stop the cycle — they explain how in this feature.

The East African, December 2011: the Spice Islands come alive with a plantation tour in Zanzibar. This travel piece tastes and smells the spices that gave the islands their name.

Daily Nation, November 2011: Nairobi’s traffic is notoriously bad… and Kenya’s roads claim the lives of 3,000 people per year. As the holiday season approaches, this news item outlines the upcoming plans for improved road safety.

DN2, November 2011: The Permaculture Research Institute is pushing to bring more sustainable farming practices to the Horn of Africa. This article outlines the principles and applications of permaculture in the Kenyan context.

Daily Nation, October 2011: The power of the sun is being harnessed to bring clean water to 2,000 communities in rural Kenya. Article here.

DN2, September 2011: More than 20 years after the international ban on the ivory trade, elephant populations are being slaughtered once more. This article explores what rising demand for ivory in China means for the wildlife of Kenya.

DN2, August 2011: The Kenyans for Kenya campaign was the largest fundraising effort in Kenyan history. This article explores how the Kenya Red Cross will spend those hard-earned shillings.

CBC Radio Montreal, April 2011: Once a year, parts of the McGill campus become hotbeds of conspiracy, insurgency and spies. Professor Rex Brynen’s civil war simulation teaches his students about the intricacies of conflict, by throwing them into the middle of it. I explain it all to Dave Bronstetter on All in a Weekendhere.

CBC Radio Ottawa, July 2011: Forest fires in Northern Ontario forced the evacuation of many First Nations communities to Ottawa and Toronto. I visited members of Kingfisher Lake First Nation at their temporary home in Ottawa. The interview can be found on my Soundboard.

CBC Radio Ottawa, September 2009: Sean Collins and Diane Gribbin took on the project of a lifetime — building a cordwood house from the ground up, using nothing but salvaged material and their own hands. I paid a visit to their construction site, and my short documentary can be found on Soundboard.

CBC Radio Ottawa, August 2009: Police cracked down on cyclists in Ottawa, in hopes of creating more respect for the rules of the road. I went on a ride-along with the Ottawa Police, then joined Adrian Harewood in the All in a Day studio to share the experience. The tape-talk can be found on my Soundboard.

CBC Radio Ottawa, December 2008: The Hockey Triplets of Buckingham confuse referees… and sometimes even each other. I visited them on their backyard rink, and produced a short documentary — you can find it on my Soundboard.

Global Flux, June 2008: Colombia is home to one of the worst cases of internal displacement in the world. This article digs into the challenges facing the country’s domestic refugees: where to go… and what to do.

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