into the single digits

Today was my last day as a producer at CBC Radio in Ottawa, at least for now. I leave for Kenya in nine days, where a reporting job awaits. And I think Alice Bradley and I were separated at birth… this is exactly how I react/cope/deal with airports:

I’m really not a fan of flying. Not just the hurtling through the air in a screaming death machine part: the whole process. The packing. The boarding pass-getting (will I do it wrong? Probably.). The panicking on the way to the airport because the cab/train/subway is taking longer than I think it should take. The double and triple-checking that I’m in the right airport/terminal. The long, arduous security line. The possibility of being manhandled. The idiotic shoe-removal. The waiting around the gate for two hours because God forbid I don’t get there super early. The purchasing of overpriced snacks and magazines. The visiting of every restroom in the airport, because when I get anxious, my bladder goes into overdrive.

BUT! Then I see videos like this. And I remember why I can’t wait to lift off.

That one’s the best, but LEARN and EAT are pretty good too.

Anyway. Nine days. Less.

and she can’t even have morphine

I just want everyone to appreciate the beauty of this free kick by Christine Sinclair on Sunday. And while we marvel at that perfectly placed shot (the first world cup goal scored on Germany since the 2003 Women’s World Cup), let’s also keep this in mind – Sinclair had just broken her nose.

Canada went on to lose the game 2-1 to the reigning champs, but seriously. You try doing that after you just had your face elbowed in. (After the game, Sinclair was taken directly to hospital.)

How badass is that mask? All of Team Canada should wear them in solidarity. (Associated Press)

She practiced with the team today, but jury’s out on whether she’ll play against France tomorrow (a must-win or -tie). Either way you’re already a superhero in my books, captain.