what’s funny in Kenya?

That’s what American comedian John Ramsey is trying to figure out. Here is his best guess:

John Ramsey is volunteering in Kenya for a year with International Justice Mission, and while he’s there, he’s been honing his craft for a Kenyan audience. He’s written about trying to figure out what makes Kenyans laugh, and it turns out that the jokes that he “liked the least were the ones that worked the best.” (Although, he’s careful to point out that “it’s not that I get Kenyan jokes and don’t like them (like primitive humor) – I just don’t get most of them at all.”)

The above clip is from the show Churchill Live, an extremely popular “late night” show in Kenya which reaches 10 million viewers (in Kenya, the surrounding countries and the diaspora). Props to John Ramsey for trying to connect with Kenyans through their own language and sense of humour, instead of hiding out in embassy smoking lounges cracking jokes about colonialism.

ps – Kenya friends – they film Churchill Live at Carnivore every Thursday evening… who’s in!?

Young Lady in Manhattan… (1939)

“…the bottom fell out of the soul-market long ago in New York.”

I quite like this. It actually kind of sounds like it was written by a Catty Young Lady Already in Manhattan who didn’t want any new competition.

It’s hard to pick a best part but right now I’m leaning towards (f) under the heading “TO MEET A YOUNG MAN” — the six-word disclaimer at the beginning in ALL CAPS is probably advice we could all still use today. (And I really want to know what ‘friendship services’ are.)

Also, entirely unrelated but just as amusing, please read the comments on this. A compulsion to chew on wood? SPONGES?

And finally, I haven’t gone fishing since I was about 12, but if I did this is probably exactly how I would respond, from start to finish (including the life jacket with the crotch strap – safety first). I’m right along with you, kid – except unfortunately I’m old enough to know that no, he probably doesn’t like you all that much right now.

Via TBT.

this blog is a Cathy comic

I cannot stop laughing about this. I’m not even watching it anymore because the laughing is starting to hurt. I don’t even care that this blog is becoming primarily food and cute children (+ occasional self-promotion). I am willing to be a cliche for this.

Complete with the perfect blonde angel to her left who doesn’t seem to have a problem doing it perfectly the first time. Tiny, struggling, brunette dancer, I feel your pain. I had the same haircut as you. I fell over a lot, too. I promise you will be good at something else.

I cannot thank Bab enough for bringing this to my attention.