A writer first and foremost, I’ve applied my “fine pen” (as my current boss calls it) to radio scripts, news reports, feature articles, term papers, grocery lists, postcards, love letters, and even a master’s thesis. I also write reminders to myself on my left hand, and never get tired of people who smugly call it my “palm pilot,” thinking they’re the first person who’s ever made that joke.

My background is broadcast and print journalism, as a reporter, editor, producer, and photojournalist. My interests lie at the intersection of media and international development… and so does my current position as a story and content strategist for an NGO based in Ottawa, Canada.

Most recently, I’ve reported and photographed for The East African and Kenya’s Daily Nation. I’ve edited Rwanda’s New Times, reported and produced for CBC Radio in Ottawa and Montreal, and hosted current affairs programming on CKUT FM in Montreal. (If we go back a little further, as a child I made radio shows on a reel-to-reel. #streetcred)

Two degrees are gathering dust in my filing cabinet because I was too cheap to get them framed: a bachelor of journalism from Carleton University and a master of arts in political science and international development from McGill University. I wrote my master’s thesis on media development and democratization in post-war Sierra Leone. My work, studies, and personal travels have taken me to parts of North America and Europe, and to Cuba, Costa Rica, India, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania. With any luck, that list will continue to grow.

I serve on the board of a nonprofit community centre in my hometown of Chelsea, Quebec, subscribe to more magazines than I have any hope of ever reading cover-to-cover, and collect hotel pens. And I will defend to the death my belief that we should all be using the Oxford comma.

You can find me elsewhere: Twitter, SoundboardAcademia.edu, and AboutMe.

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