mtl: the victory lap

this wasn't on the list. but it perfectly illustrates why mtl is numero uno.

I have a list. I am a person of many lists. When I write lists, I include things I have already done, just to cross them off. Observe…

Thing to do in this fair city one last time:

  • brunch at Bagel Etc.
  • hawaiian poutine at La Banquise
  • ridiculous Mason jar cocktails at Distillerie
  • table d’hote at Khyber Pass
  • sheesha on St. Denis
  • tour St. Joseph’s Oratory
  • picnic at Lac des Castors
  • consume the entirety of Cheskie’s
  • Burger de Ville
  • hawaiian burger and yam fries at Meat Market
  • Roquefort mussels at L’Academie
  • belvedere on Mt. Royal
  • Marché Atwater
  • Frites Alors!
  • chicken creation at Boustan
  • ask Aleana where the best Thai is, and go there
  • rice pudding at Beautys
  • tightrope walk on Mt. Royal
  • buy (and consume) all the cheese at PA
  • tam-tams!
  • bow down to the LARPers
  • eat at that amazing $5 thali Indian restaurant near the humane society that everyone keeps telling me about, even though the metro will cost as much as the meal
  • wine. park.

And then also get vaccinations, work visa and pack.

It’s a long list, which is why I got a head start on it before I actually got down to writing it out. I only have a matter of hours left as a resident of Montreal, and then it’s off to Ottawa for a month of orientation for my fellowship in Kenya. The trip itself has been delayed because of work visas, which is unfortunate in most senses, but fortunate in the sense that I will have the entire month of July to be funemployed… and therefore take extended visits to Montreal. I must finish what I started here.

Then in August, I shape up and ship out to Nairobi. I’m moving to Kenya for six months to work for the Nation Media Group. Newspaper, tv, and radio reporting, hopefully with a healthy dose of general exploring on the side. You can come, if you want. Just bookmark this blog. Or subscribe. Or send me emails begging for updates. Or actually come visit me. Flights are only about 24 hours long, and it’s trans-Atlantic so you probably get free liquor.

the day we went to the Oratory also happened to be the "Blessing of the Mustangs" -- no jokes. Fo' five dolla, a priest (?) will bless your mid-life-crisis automobile.

So that’s what I’ll be doing for the next year. And if you’re in Mtl, y’all best be checking at least some of the things off that list, because they are interesting and/or delicious. They are my favourite things. Just call me Oprah.

(And speaking of Oprah, love her or hate her, she has popularized a lot of wisdom over the last 25 years. Whether or not she came up with it in the first place, you have to admit she was a force for positivity. And Mighty Girl has gathered some of it in one place.)


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