Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You

There was a bad accident on my commute to work yesterday, which meant I got to hear the after-9-am segment on The Current (a rare treat). It featured Dan Riskin, the author of a new book about how brutal the natural world really is. We like to focus on the majestic deer bounding across serene landscapes, but it really is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short out there.

It’s not letting me embed the audio, but you can listen here.

when there is a genuine option, vote for that

Favourite: “We can no longer have erroneous, duplicitous systems held in place… only systems that serve the planet and serve the population of the planet can be allowed to survive.”


JP: “We’re not going to solve world problems by facetiousness –“

RB: “We’re not going to solve them with the current system; at least facetiousness is funny.”

Via Gawker.